Enter the magical world of SNOEZELEN® Rooms.

SNOEZELEN (snoo-za-len) is a combination of two Dutch verbs: "Snuffelen," which means to seek out and explore, and "Doezelen," to relax. This specialized treatment room is a blend of sights, sounds, textures, and aromas. For our children, this treatment room is filled with fascinating visual displays that surround and absorb. Colourful objects can be touched along with orbiting images, lights and colours all of which make interesting sensations and diversions. Electronic devices with buttons and switches entice children to reach out and explore. There are gentle vibrations and massage that soothe one’s body and reduce stress or heightened feelings. The environment of the SNOEZELEN Room is filled with pleasant sounds and aromas that are subtly dispensed in the air.


The SNOEZELEN Room is safe and non-threatening. Children with mental health issues, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and developmental disabilities will enjoy gentle stimulation of the primary senses. Our children experience self-control, discovery, and exploration—achievements that overcome inhibitions, enhance self-esteem, and reduce their stresses, anxiety, and fears. This treatment room is a way for caregivers to connect with their child to become more attuned with the child’s emotions.


Research has shown that multi-sensory environments offer a wealth of benefits, often affording the child and their caregiver an opportunity to improve communications, enhance their understanding of each other, and build trust in their relationship.


At CASA, our goal for the SNOEZELEN Rooms is to provide a relaxing environment in which children are able to develop a therapeutic relationship through gentle stimulation of all the sensory modalities in order to heighten awareness in a safe environment so that they can explore and relax.


We are very appreciative of the financial support of the Edmonton FASD Service Network Program, the Edmonton Realtors Community Foundation, Canada Post, Edmonton Community Foundation, and the McKesson Foundation for funding our SNOEZELEN rooms. We also thank the Edmonton community for their ongoing support of children’s mental health and FASD. This is a very innovative approach in the field of mental health and FASD designed to address the sensory needs of a child.


The SNOEZELEN Rooms are accessible to CASA clients and members of the Edmonton Fetal Alcohol Network (EFAN) free of charge. To book an appointment or to acquire more information, please, contact:   1-780-410-8180.  



Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.


The SNOEZELEN Rooms are located at the CASA Fort Road clinic: 13415A Fort Rd NW, Edmonton, AB and at CASA Centre: 10645 63 Ave NW, Edmonton AB.