Programs and Services     

The goals of CASA’s programs & services are:

  1. to offer accessible, effective mental health services to children and families from the Edmonton Region and Central and Northern Alberta and
  2. to promote knowledge and skill in the field of children’s mental health.
We do this by offering a wide range of assessment and treatment programs as well as professional training and consultation. Our programs range in intensity from early identification, assessment and primary intervention to intensive tertiary level treatment.

The programs operate primarily from five locations in Edmonton: CASA Downtown, CASA Weber Centre, CASA Eastwood (School Age Services), CASA Fort Road  and CASA House. The clinical teams include childcare counsellors, psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, social workers and occupational therapists. Assessments and subsequent interventions are guided by a bio-psycho-social (biological, psychological, social) framework that considers the family and community as integral to the healthy functioning of the child. Hence our clinicians work with the family and other support systems to maximize effectiveness. Several programs are operated in partnership with other agencies and sectors of services for children.  

CASA Family Handbook