Links to Community

The Adolescent Day Program relies on strong relationships with other community service providers to participate in the support plans for the adolescents and their families.


School officials and social workers frequently attend case conferences. The program teachers communicate with the community school programs to ensure smooth transitions. Counsellors continue their contact with the family for a time limited period to ensure support during the transition phase.

Discharge planning begins near the time of admission with the setting of treatment goals and a treatment plan. It also includes:

  • Adolescent and family education
  • Pre-discharge conference, including adolescent and family
  • Interdisciplinary discharge conference
  • Notification and progress report to prospective community school placement, typically including a conference with a community school representative
  • Arrangements for follow-up care if required
  • A good-bye ceremony for the adolescent and family


Follow-Up Care

At discharge the adolescent is referred back to their referring therapist and/or psychiatrist for follow-up.