Gifts through Wills, Bequests and Estates

Many people generously support charities throughout their lifetime.  Some choose to make a legacy gift through their estate to ensure that support continues.

After remembering your loved ones, please consider leaving a legacy gift to CASA.  A gift made through an estate is relatively easy, enables donors to retain full use of their assets during their lifetime and frequently offers estate tax advantages that benefit their heirs.

There are four types of gifts by Will, also known as Bequests or Estate Gifts:

Specific Bequest:

A specific dollar amount or specific property (securities, real estate, artwork, etc.)

Residual Bequest: 

A portion of your estate after any debts and specific bequests have been paid out.

Contingent Bequest:


All or a portion of your estate only if other bequests cannot be satisfied (such as the death of another beneficiary).

In Memory Bequest:

Consider a gift in memory of a loved one, a perpetual remembrance.

Benefits  of making a Bequest
  • You can designate your gift to a CASA priority that meets your interests
  • A bequest is tax-effective. Your estate may claim gift in the year of death equal to 100% of your net income in that year and the preceding year.
  • You have use of your assets while you are alive.
  • A bequest is revocable and can be changed if your financial circumstances change.

While there is no obligation on your part to discuss your gift with CASA, contacting us when you are planning your estate will help us ensure your wishes are understood if you are no longer able to make them clear.  We recommend working together to create a simple fund agreement that establishes the terms of the bequest fund your gift creates.  This agreement does not obligate you to make the gift.  It simply helps ensure that we understand how you wish your gift be used once we receive it.

It is also a good idea to make your loved ones aware of your intentions to leave a bequest to CASA.  If you wish, they may be actively involved in the fund established through your estate.

For more information on this or other ways to support CASA, please contact us:

Nadine Samycia

Executive Director

(780) 400-4539