Family Therapy Team 


The CASA Family Team offers team-based family therapy.  The team includes psychiatrists, nurses, social workers and psychologists.  Sessions are conducted by co-therapists assisted by observers (behind a one way mirror).  A reflecting team approach may be used, during which the observers discuss their suggestions and thoughts amongst themselves while the family observes and listens.  The family and therapists then reflect upon the reflections.

During the first session, the therapists help the family to discuss their concerns and their strengths.  Goals for their therapy are developed with family members.  Future sessions will be booked at that time on an as-needed and as requested basis.  Upon completion of family therapy, the referring clinician provides follow-up.  A report of progress in treatment will be prepared and distributed to the family and the referring clinician.


1.0 – 1.5 hours.


Family Therapy is offered on an ongoing basis, year round.  Typically, two to twelve sessions may be scheduled, depending upon the family’s needs and circumstances.


CASA Weber Centre, 1560-5555 Calgary Trail NW, Edmonton, AB.

Who Can Refer:

Mental Health Clinicians in the Regional Mental Health Clinics and Child Psychiatrists.

Referral Eligibility:

  • The child or family is receiving services through the children’s mental health system.
  • The clinician believes the behaviour of the “identified patient” is impacted by family structure, dynamics and history to such an extent that family therapy is highly indicated in order for the child to improve and/or sustain improvement.
  • A mental health assessment has been completed within the past year.
  • The family is willing to attend.
  • The referring clinician will make a written commitment to provide follow-up care.

Information Required:

  • A completed CASA Community and Outreach Group Referral Form.
  • A comprehensive mental health assessment including DSM IV diagnosis, completed within the past year.
  • Genogram, if available.
  • Family History.
  • Written commitment to provide follow-up care.

 Referral Process:

  • The referring clinician directs the referral to CASA Intake Receptionist at CASA Centre.
  • Families will be asked to attend a screening interview where they learn more about the group and expectations.
  • CASA will advise the referring clinician of the outcome of the referral.

For More Information:

Please contact the Program Manager, School Age Services at 780-400-2271.