Using Evidence to Improve the Quality of Our Programs

CASA Child, Adolescent, and Family Mental Health upholds the highest ethical and scientific standards in evaluation and research involving children.


All staff, students, and physicians are encouraged to participate  in research activities. This provides CASA with extensive expertise in research and program evaluation.  The proficiency of our staff and students is used frequently to support the scientific decisions and clinical interventions used here at CASA. Our staff, physicians, and Board of Directors are highly committed to continuous quality improvement. Together, we have developed performance indicators that assist in monitoring and evaluating the services that are provided at CASA. These indicators are used to obtain information about the processes, outcomes, and satisfaction of the families who receive CASA services.

In order to provide continuous evaluation of CASA Services, several strategies were designed specifically to measure program goals. In general, these strategies are pre-post measures, administered before patients start their treatment and after they finish their treatment or transfer to another program. The pre-post measures can measure items like parental stress, social skills, and parent-child relationships. In addition to these measures, satisfaction surveys are routinely administered. This allows CASA to stay relevant to the needs of our children and families.