Community Geographic Team (CGT)

The Community Geographic Team enhances the capacity of communities in Northern and Central East Alberta to support children and families experiencing mental illness and other co-occurring conditions. The team provides consultation, education, training and coaching to service providers in these regions.


Education and training is informed by regional plans and trends, research in the field, and the assessment of professional development needs. Service delivery is planned in consultation with each region and community to address their specific needs. 


Consultation, training, and mentoring may include assessment and treatment of infant and preschool populations, as well as school-aged children to the age of 18, and their families. Education and consultation opportunities may focus on subjects such as: specialized mental health interventions, co-occurring conditions (i.e. addictions or FASD), and specific therapeutic approaches. Training and consultation is grounded in principles of family-centered and collaborative care, and is delivered using distance delivery approaches (i.e.  video-conference, telephone conference), and in person when possible. 


CASA Family Handbook