About the CASA Youth Council:
The CASA Youth Council is a mental health action group. We meet monthly to discuss creative ways to make a difference in youth mental health. Our members are aged 13-26  and come from a wide range of perspectives. We work together to transform our ideas into actions. At this time, all Youth Council spaces have been filled but if you are interested in or experienced with mental health, and want to lend your voice, please contact the CYC facilitators, Jillian and Anna, at the emails below to learn about other ways you can get involved with Youth Council activities.  
You can read the Youth Council terms of reference here.
Unseen: Youth Mental Wellness Magazine
We are excited to share our first issue of Unseen with you. In our magazine, we share our voices through articles and creative expressions to show our commitment to mental wellness. All the articles, as well the majority of the photographs, have been written and created by the members of the CASA Youth Council and the Council Facilitators. We hope you will find something interesting, something meaningful, and something real within these pages.Read our magazine here.

*Please Note: The views and opinions expressed in Unseen: Youth Mental Wellness Magazine are those of the members of the CASA Youth Council and do not necessarily reflect the official position of CASA Child, Adolescent and Family Mental Health. 
Next Youth Council Meeting:
The next meeting of the CASA Youth Council will be Thursday, June 15th, 2017 from 5:30 to 7:30 at CASA Centre, 10645 63 Ave.
Youth Council Meeting Summaries:

Have a look at our meeting summaries to get an idea of what we've been working on:

CASA Youth Council Members

Age: 22

"Animal Foster. PTSD Fighter. Picture Taker."

Discovered CASA after being diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after a life long pursuit to over-come depression.

Objective: to share my story, promote awareness around mental health and facilitate others to discovers the way in which they can heal as well as feel a strong sense of purpose. I believe that it is important to provide support and receive support. In a perfect world... I would like to help in some way to remove the stigma around mental health especially for youth transitioning into post secondary schooling and eventually the work force.


Hobbies: Culinary arts, hiking, volunteering, photography, kayaking, music, life long learning, organic gardening, carpentry and concrete art.

Age: 17
"Musician. Disney fanatic. Mental health advocate." 

Referred to CASA in 2013 to receive help in coping with a variety of mental health problems and trauma. 
Objective: to let youth know that they are not alone in their journey with mental health. I would like to help create change in the area of mental health systems, so they are better suited to be helpful rather than harmful to adolescents. Creating an overall environment of understanding and support for mental health is something that is really important to me. 
Hobbies: music, learning languages, cooking, crafting, writing, watching Disney movies, walking and reading! 



Age: 14

"Suicide Survivor. Music Lover. Dog obsessed."


Objective: To help youth go through a smooth path to get the help they need and break the mental health stigma.


Hobbies: Singing, dancing, acting and loving animals (especially dogs), and constantly dying my hair.

Age: 18
"Political Enthusiast. Social Butterfly. Self-Proclaimed Chef."

Objective: To break down the stigma around mental health in our city and work towards engaging the public in improving services offered to those in need. I would like to use the Youth Council platform to reach out to our community through different events and projects in order to educate and provide plausible strategies to breaking down mental health stigma. 



Hi, I'm Rachel! I'm a first-year Physiology student at the University of Alberta and began working with the CASA Youth Council in July, 2016. I'm passionate about fighting the negative stigma surrounding mental health in the community and work to support others through their journey battling these illnesses.


Age: 20

"Queen Mother of Hedgehogs. Serious about Mental Health. Psychology student."

Chose CASA as my platform for the Miss Canada Globe 2016 Pageant

Objective: To share my story and promote awareness for mental health and end the stigma around it. I hope that at least one person can relate to my experience with mental health, and that it helps them in any way! My end goal is to become a youth clinical psychologist.


Hobbies: dancing, day planning, camping, hiking, horseback riding, playing games, eating, playing with my hedgehogs.

"Complete nerd. Adventure seeker. Curious about everything and anything."
Objective: To bring awareness to the reality behind mental health concerns. To build hope in individuals, families, and communities facing these issues. To bring forth education about, form better practice to treat, and to reduce the stigma towards problems with mental health.
Hobbies: Reading and learning about everything, gymnastics, running, climbing mountains and sailing oceans, and rock music.

Age: 27
CASA Youth Council Co-Facilitator
“Cat lady. Eternal optimist. Soft spot for the Beatles and the Chili Peppers.”

Objective: to work with and support the CASA Youth Council in promoting awareness, cultivating empathy, and fostering meaningful conversations about mental health within the Edmonton community. When I was presented with the chance to co-facilitate the CASA Youth Council, I was beyond excited. Work like this motivates, inspires, and drives me. I believe strongly in the power of resiliency, and this opportunity to work with and learn from such amazing young people is truly incredible. 
Role at CASA: Research Assistant on CASA’s (awesome) Evaluation and Research team. 
Hobbies: public speaking, advocacy education, cross-stitching, kayaking, live music, road-tripping, reading, and collecting tattoos.
Age: 32
CASA Youth Council Co-Facilitator
“Data geek. Story-teller. Auntie.”

Objective: to work with our council members to create positive changes in Edmonton’s mental health culture. I am so happy to have this chance to learn from our youth and to be a part of their dynamic projects. I want to live in a city where no one feels alone with their anxiety, depression, or despair. I want us to feel safe to say, “I’m having a hard time,” and for there to always be someone to hear us.  
Role at CASA: I am a member of CASA’s Evaluation & Research team. We support our clinical programs by collecting and analyzing service and outcome data to help CASA learn who we are serving, what elements of our programs are working well, and where we can make improvements. I am excited to hop out from behind my computer to support our youth council to achieve their goals!  
Hobbies: wind-surfing, tap dancing, playing guitar, and reading historical fiction.

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