Comments about the demolition work:

Clark Builders is proud to work with wonderful contractors like Visco Demolition Contractors, who are committed to re purposing materials during the de construction phase. In particular, this project will see the final results... 'Our primary goal is to divert as much material as possible from the landfill. We are able to recycle 100% of all concrete and metal debris. Concrete, brick, asphalt, drywall and glass is hauled to our yard, processed through our concrete crusher and resold as recycled crushed aggregate that is used as a base product in roads and parking lots. The wood is hauled to our yard to be put through the wood shredder and prepared for use as an alternate energy source. The metal, steel, aluminum, copper, tin and other white goods is sorted as the structure is demolished and is hauled to a metal recycler. We are unable to recycle insulation, roofing material and carpet, so these items are sent to the landfill. We estimate that approximately 98% of the demolition debris from this project will be recycled. It should be noted that all the hazardous materials, including asbestos, had previously been removed and disposed.' Comments from Visco Demolition Contractors.

Demolition has been completed and the next stage will be a blessing to kick off construction!