Adopt a CATCH Family

What is CATCH?  

CASA’s Collaborative Assessment and Treatment for Children’s Health (CATCH) is an early intervention program that provides mental health supports and outreach to families receiving assistance from Child and Family Services (CFS). CATCH therapists and CFS caseworkers work closely together to help families reach their goals. 
CATCH therapists provide assistance to families in areas such as: 
• Creating safety in the home; 
• Treating mental health concerns; 
• Supporting healthy parent-child relationships;
• Navigating across Health, Education, and Human Services; and
• Connecting to appropriate community resources. 

What does it mean to “Adopt” a CATCH Family?

CASA tries to give each CATCH family a gift basket in December. While the baskets mean a lot to these families, putting together a basket is also a rewarding experience for individuals or groups who “adopt” a family. 

What is the commitment?

The cost of preparing a basket ranges from $250-$450, depending on the size of the “adopted” family. CASA gives demographic information on the family, such as age, gender, and role.  We also make recommendations about the types of gifts based on the family’s needs.  CASA currently has 20 families in the CATCH program.  We are looking for 20 individuals or groups to each adopt a family.
Please let us know by Friday, November 11 if you, or your organization, is interested in “adopting” a CATCH family this year. 
On Monday, November 15 you will receive information about your family. You will have until Friday, December 16 to prepare the basket. 
You can drop your completed basket off at: 
  • CASA Center 10645 – 63 Avenue on or before December 16.
CASA will deliver the baskets to family before Christmas. 
If you have any questions, or you wish to register to “adopt” a CATCH family this year, please contact Erin Morris at 780-400-4506 or